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Church of St. Vid, Dravograd:

2 June 2015 – 30 August, 2015
Church of St Vitus, Dravograd

The Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts in Slovenj Gradec cooperated in the First International Ceramic Triennial UNICUM 09 with an exhibition of ceramic objects and sculptures made by renowned Czech artists. After the conclusion of the event the gallery received a collection of 24 works donated by artists who participated in the central exhibition at the National Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana. This UNICUM Collection was complemented in 2012 with 29 works donated by artists who participated in the second triennial's exhibition at Betnava Castle, Maribor. The international collection of 53 art ceramics by authors from around the world reflects a broad spectrum of different expressions and techniques of unique object ceramics, A selection of the best works, including some of the works awarded by the previous triennials, will be on view in the suggestive interior of the Romanesque church of St Vitus in Dravograd as an event accompanying the Third International Ceramic Triennial UNICUM.

Curator: Marko Košan
The Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts




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